Smart Switches in wall

Timeless island, rock chiseled by the wind, Panarea is one of the most wonderful island in the Mediterrean, and one of the most exclusive in Italy.

The Panarea collection switches are inspired by the architecture of this island, one that is unique in the whole world.

Neat, clear lines achieve an endless beauty, finding in their exceptional simplicity the shape of luxury.

The Panarea switches are all designed to be installed trimless in wall, plasterboard or boiserie (wood).

All switches can be removed any time for maintenance, effortlessly.

The led inside can be dimmered by programming, also adapting to the natural light status, or any other kind of logic.

Each switch can be ordered in black or white, or in any other RAL colour. It is also possible to get it with just base painting, so that you can repaint it or cover it in the exact same colour of your walls, to achieve a minimalist effect.

The edges are cut, flawlessly symmetrical, thanks to our mounting system, and they can be customized in any RAL colour.

Lastly, any Panarea switch can be ordered with a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, so it will become the only device you will need in your home.