KNX Smart Switches

Amalfi is “the city of the sea”, where for more than 500 years men's buildings have merged with nature.

The Amalfi Evening controls, made entirely of wood, machined from solid, are available in four basic wood essences: oak, black walnut, beech, wenge, but they can be made on request with any type of wood.

The back is in INOX316 steel, made by combining solidity and durability.

The pure and ergonomic design makes it intuitive and natural to use. The individual touch buttons are visible in the dark thanks to the integrated LED that changes brightness depending on the ambient light, the time of the day or the state of the lamp.

The convexity of the touch area is designed for maximum ergonomics.
Each control hides a temperature and humidity sensor.

Simple and complete, it is the only product you will need to install on your walls!

All Materica Switch are KNX certified.

Essenze di legno disponibili per Amalfi series switches - wood design

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